How to get to the Adirondacks

All of the following directions will take you from the named city to the village of Saranac Lake, located in the High Peaks (Northeast) region of Adirondack Park. The driving distances in the table at the bottom are to three villages in different regions of the Park: Old Forge in the West-Central region, Blue Mountain Lake in the Central, and Lake Placid in the High Peaks. Keep in mind that the Park contains 9,375 square miles, so driving distances to different areas of the Park could vary considerably.

Buffalo and Rochester, NY
Take Interstate 90 east 160 miles (from Buffalo) or 86 miles (from Rochester) to Syracuse, NY (exit 36). Then take I-81 north to Watertown (exit 45), and from there take New York Rte. 3 east to Saranac Lake. Total Distance: 347 miles from Buffalo, 273 from Rochester

Syracuse, NY
Take I-81 north 70 miles to Watertown (exit 45), then follow NY 3 east to Saranac Lake. Total Distance: 187 miles

Watertown, NY
Take NY 3 east 117 miles to Saranac Lake

Utica, NY
There are many options from Utica. (1) Take NY 12 north to Alder Creek, then turn onto NY 28. Take that route north to Long Lake, and then take NY 30 north to Tupper Lake. From there, take NY 3 east for the remaining 20 miles to Saranac Lake. This route passes through the Park for most of the trip. Total Distance: 142 miles (2) Take NY 12 north to the junction with NY 3 near Watertown, and then follow NY 3 east to Saranac Lake. Total Distance: 200 miles (3) Take NY 8 northeast to Chestertown, NY, and then turn north on I-87. Follow this highway to Underwood, NY (exit 30), and then take NY 73 west to Saranac Lake. Total Distance: 186 miles

New York, NY
Take I-87 north 145 miles to Albany, then continue on I-87 for another 118 miles to Underwood, NY (exit 30). Turn west onto NY 73, and follow that road for 43 miles until you reach Saranac Lake. Total Distance: 296 miles

Montreal, Canada
Take Rte. 15 south to the US-Canadian border. Continue south on I-87 to exit 34. From there, take NY 9N west to Jay. Follow NY 86 to Lake Placid, then turn onto NY 73, and take that road to Saranac Lake. Total Distance: 65 km + 87 miles

Toronto, Canada
There are at least two options from Toronto. (1) Take Rte. 401 (MacDonald-Cartier Freeway) east to Rockport, Canada. Go south across the US-Canadian border to I-81. Follow that road south to exit 45 in Watertown, and the junction with NY 3. Take NY 3 east to Saranac Lake. Total Distance: 319 km + 152 miles (2) Take the Queen Elizabeth Way southwest, then southeast, to Buffalo, NY. Take I-90 east to exit 36 in Syracuse, and then take I-81 north to exit 45 in Watertown. Finally, follow NY 3 east to Saranac Lake. Total Distance: 175 km + 347 miles

Driving Distances
Old ForgeBlue Mountain LakeLake Placid
Toronto513 km570 km580 km
Plattsburgh149 miles113 miles50 miles
New York City320284308 also maintains a good reference for travel descriptions and directions.

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