The MacIntyre Range
Algonquin, Iroquois, and Wright.

The MacIntyre Range is a high ridge running northeast-southwest through the High Peaks. It is bordered on the east by Avalanche Pass and on the west by Indian Pass. The Range is named for Archibald McIntyre, one of the proprietors of the old McIntyre Iron Mine near Newcomb. The name of the man is spelled with no "a", but the USGS, as is their nature, randomly inserted the extraneous letter into the name of the mountain range.

The MacIntyre's - Iroquois (left), Algonquin (center), and Wright (right)
From Indian Falls, March 28, 1998.
Algonquin is the highest peak in the middle.
Click for the same view in the summer

The MacIntyre's from Mt. Jo near Adirondack Loj. Heart Lake is in the foreground.
Algonquin is the tall, distinct pyramid, and Wright is the ridge-like peak in front of
and to the left of Algonquin. Iroquois is barely visible above the ridgeline
to the right of Algonquin. The summit of Colden is just visible to the very left.

The MacIntyre's from Gothics.
Again, Colden can be seen on the left side of this photo.

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