Fourth Lake

Fourth Lake is part of the Fulton Chain of Lakes. It is a very long lake, running from just east of Old Forge, an all-season tourist destination, to Inlet, a distance of five or six miles. Since it is located very near Route 28, Fourth Lake is very heavily used in all seasons: by motorboats and jet-skis in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter. This photograph was taken on April 10, 1998, from the Vista Trail, which runs along a four mile ridge overlooking the Fulton Chain for much of its length. There is still a small amount of ice on the lake. This hike was one of the most enjoyable I've ever been on. As an aside, the Vista Trail is only rarely used; its western trailhead coincides with the trailhead for Bald (or Rondaxe) Mt, which is VERY frequently used. Apparently most people go to climb Bald Mt. and don't even notice the Vista Trail's trailhead.

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