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Paul Schneider
The Adirondacks:
A History of America's First Wilderness
Hardcover, 416p, June 1997, Henry Holt & Company, Inc
This is a well-written account of the history of the Adirondacks. Schneider visits many of the interesting aspects of the region's past, from the first visiting trappers to the McIntyre Mine, from the famed Adirondack guides to Article VII, Section 7, from the political struggles of the late 19th Century to the struggles of the APA today. All the information is presented in a very easy-to-read style which doesn't want to let you put the book down. This volume would make a good addition to the library of anyone interested in the Adirondacks and the rich history of this region.

Philip G. Terrie
Contested Terrain:
A New History of Nature and People in the Adirondacks
Hardcover, 256p, June 1997, Syracuse University Press
Another excellent and easy-to-read volume on the history of the Adirondacks. This is more of a political history than Schneider's book above. The title of the book really says it all. Throughout the existence of these mountains, someone has been fighting over them. The Algonquins and Iroquois used the region primarily as a battlefield. The wealthy down-staters used the region as a playground in the 19th Century, while thousands of full-time residents struggled to make a living from farming, logging, hunting, and trapping. Then of course there is the current conflict between the full-time residents of the park and the Adirondack Park Agency and other downstate interests, as well as conservation versus the exploitation of resources. Terrie does an excellent job compiling all of the conflict into one very interesting volume. All I can say is, a must-read!

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